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Ultra-Compact Design - This mini hand pump is designed with portability in mind. It easily fits in your saddlebag, or attaches neatly to your bike frame with the included mounting bracket.

High-Pressure Performance - Don't let its size fool you. The Six Peaks Mini Hand Pump delivers a powerful and efficient inflation experience, suitable for both Schrader and Presta Valves and pumps to a maximum of 75PSI.

Quick and Easy to Use - With its simple and intuitive design, you can inflate your tires efficiently, minimising downtime during your ride.

Don't let a flat tire put the brakes on your cycling adventure. Trust the Six Peaks Cycling Mini Hand Pump to get you rolling again, whether you're on a leisurely ride through the park or tackling challenging mountain trails. It's the perfect companion for cyclists of all levels, ensuring you're always prepared for the unexpected.

When it comes to protecting your bicycle, you deserve the best in both security and convenience. The Six Peaks Cycling Cable Lock is your ultimate companion for safeguarding your bike, offering the perfect blend of strength and flexibility. Designed for cyclists who value security and versatility, this cable lock offers a flexible approach to safeguarding your beloved ride.


Steel Cable

Secure Locking Mechanism

Flexible Length


Versatile Usage

Lightweight and Portable

Whether you're a daily commuter, weekend explorer, or a recreational cyclist, the Six Peaks Cycling Cable Lock is your flexible security solution. Don't let the fear of theft hold you back. Lock up your bike confidently and explore the world on two wheels.


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