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Our Sit On Top Kayak Trolley is ideal for porting most sit on tops which fit by sliding the posts over the scupper plugs. The kayak trolley is made of aluminium with stainless steel and plastic fittings. The wheels of the trolley are removable and the trolley folds flat.

The SOT trolley support rods fit through the scupper holes of most sit on top kayaks and the distance between the rods is adjustable.

The kayak trolley wheels are made from solid rubber, so they can't puncture, and provide a wide, stable base for porting your sit on top kayak over rocky terrain.

The kayak trolley is made of anodised aluminium with stainless steel and plastic fittings which makes it resistant to corrosion but we do recommend rinsing it in fresh water after use.

The sit on top trolley is strong enough for most types of sit on top kayaks up to about 50kg.

The use of kayak trolleys is increasingly popular as more and more people discover the joys of sit on top kayaking and wish to take their boats to more and more remote locations. A kayak trolley can allow a single person to move a kayak with ease that would normally require two people to move it.

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