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Whether a beginner or a professional skateboarder looking to fine-tune their tricks, this Saltrock mini skateboard is guaranteed to bring you hours of fun. Featuring our iconic logo on a vivid coral and tropical turquois deck, this vibrant Saltrock skateboard will stand out at the skatepark. Our Saltrock mini skateboard offers enhanced control and balance with its durable, strong board and hardwearing wheels. Due to its small, compact size, this Saltrock mini skateboard is easy to carry around with you or store away at home. This brilliant all-rounder is the perfect skateboard for cruising to college, work or down to the skatepark. 

  • Branded Saltrock mini skateboard 
  • Stunning, vivid coral and tropical turquoise deck
  • Hardwearing, matching coral and turquoise wheels
  • Perfect size to carry around with you
  • Will bring you hours of fun