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A 7ft foam surfboard ideal for beginners to intermediate surfers perfect for catching a few cheeky waves on a small day. 


- EPS CoreEPS can be recycled which makes this board the obvious choice for sustainable surfers.

- XPE Deck - XPE is a cross-linked polyethylene foam - dense, and durable, strong rigidity.  The bodyboard has been constructed to be ultra-stiff for durability.

- 2 x Stringers - Surfboard stringers are a thin strip of wood that runs from nose to tail down the centre of the board. The stringers add stiffness and rigidity to the surfboard.

- + HDPE - High Density Poly-Ethylene HDPE Slicks are common in entry- to mid-level boards. It's used because it's durable and it'll give you a solid ride.

- 3 x Fin Setup - Three fin setup allows the surfer to pump water out the tail to create momentum. The three fins also create incredible hold in powerful surf. Speed gives a surfer the ability to tap into powerful surfing. The speed comes from each set of side fins working together to thrust water through the tail of the board. The tri-fin set up is by far the most popular amongst surfers. 

- Leash included - A bodyboard leash is a cord attached to the deck of the bodyboard. This is then attached to the rider’s wrist.  It prevents the bodyboard from being swept away by waves and stops runaway bodyboards from hitting other boarders and swimmers. 

- Primarily a beginner’s surfboard, but also suitable for intermediate surfers.

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