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Rooster Hot Hands are a revolution in warmth!

Made from 0.5mm titanium neoprene and designed to be worn under your normal gloves for extra warmth - remember layers are better than thickness! Titanium neoprene acts in a similar way to a survival blanket, a titanium impregnated reflective layer reflects body heat on the inside back to the body.

For an added heat boost, pair gloves.

We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.

  •     Flexible, adaptable, neoprene gloves with 0.5mm Titanium impregnated reflective layer
  •     Made from identical neoprene to the Rooster Hot Top and Hot Legs
  •     Works using Survival Blanket Concept– Provides additional warmth by reflecting heat back to the body
  •     Ideal layer to wear beneath Winter Gloves, AquaPro gloves or on their own for an extra layer of warmth in the colder months
Simply measure round your hand as shown then use the chart to find your glove size.


Glove Size Measurement (Metric) Measurement (Imperial)
Small 21cm 8.2"
Medium 22cm 8.7
Large 23cm 9"
X-Large 24cm 9.4"
2X-Large 25cm 9.8"

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