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Features & Benefits

  • dryrobe® rPET tote bag for life is compact enough to fit into your pocket and unfolds into a large strong multi-purpose bag.
  • Made from rPET (Recycled Plastic Bottles) - Global Recycled Certified and Control Union Certified. 
  • A perfect fit for any dryrobe advance product.
  • Compact size while folded and stored its approx 10.5cm x 10cm in its pouch - taking very little space in your pocket.
  • Once you unfold this XL large bag is 40cm x 55cm (approx).
  • Built-in shoulder strap makes this a very versatile bag.
  • 50g total weight and highly durable.
  • Convenience enables you to make those unplanned trips to the corner shop or garage free of plastic bag.
  • dryrobe branded Carabina clip.

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