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Explore further with this powerful electric trolling motor complete with kayak mounting bar included.

  • Can be easily attached to the boat and connected to a battery (not included).
  • This quiet trolling motor has a thrust of 55 lbs
  • [The motor can be rotated 360° and has 8 different speeds of which 3 are reverse. To prevent problems in shallow water, it is possible to fold the motor. The steering handle is also adjustable.
  • The motor features battery indicator lights, so you are able to see when your battery is about to die.
  • High-quality material makes your motor get through the ocean for years.


Specifications :

Shaft length: 91.4 cm
Thrust: 55 lbs (25 kg)
Steer 360° rotatable: Yes
Number of forward speeds: 5
Number of reverse speeds: 3
Max. Power: 636 W
Salt water resistant: Yes
Connection: 12 Volt
Incl. battery cable: Yes
Screw depth adjustable: Yes
Length of steering handle adjustable: Yes
LED Battery indicator
Propeller: 3-leaf

Recommended Battery type: 12v Deep Cycle battery or Marine battery with 50Ah rating or higher.

Dimensions: 130x48x17cm

Weight: 11.6kg

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