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Our Atlantic Explore 2+1 tandem kayak is a superb multipurpose sit on top tandem kayak.

At 3.7m in length, it provides a safe and stable kayaking experience for all users.

While many sit on top kayaks are suitable for a specific purpose, the Explore Tandem is suitable for all types of water and usage.

An exceptional all round kayak that can be used by either, 1, 2 or 3 people. For use by one man, the seat can be adjusted to a central position. If the kayak is being used in tandem, the seats can be adjusted to front and rear positions. If required, a third person can sit in the middle of the kayak, between the front and back users.

This kayak is suitable for ages 8 years old through to adults and can be used on all types of waters due to the wide hull design which allows the kayak to easily handle chop and swell. As a result of the Atlantic Explore tandem kayak’s design users can cut and glide through waves with ease.

The package comes complete with everything you need ready to get out paddling on the water including two x 2-piece paddles, 2 x deluxe seats and fishing rod holders.


  • Suitable for all age – 8+  through to adults
  • Suitable for 1, 2 or 3 persons
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced paddlers
  • 32kg weight for easy transport
  • Suitable for sea, rivers and lakes
  • Comes complete with three rod holders (one adjustable, two submerged), paddle park, carry handles, 2 x seats, 2 x paddles, lockable watertight hatches, top quality marine grade fittings and quick release self-draining scupper plugs.
  • 370cm long x 86cm wide x 40cm deep

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